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Mesoestetic Melan Recovery Cream

Mesoestetic Melan Recovery Cream

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Soothing, hydrating and recovery balm that rebalances and restores comfort levels in skin after external aggressions such as sunlight, waxing, shaving, friction, or other medical/aesthetic treatments (peelings, laser, microneedling) that can cause sensitive skin, discomfort and/or redness. Reduces skin sensitivity, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and strengthens the skin's defenses. Re-balances the skin barrier, providing comfort, elasticity and smooth skin. Suitable for dry, sensitive and post-procedure skin.

Key ingredients:

Synergistically all the active ingredients provide anti-inflammatory, soothing, reparative and moisturizing properties to the skin. Alpha-bisabolol is an anti-inflammatory that soothes and softens. Rhodosorus marinus extract reduces skin sensitivity, redness and irritation. Niacinamide prevents post inflammatory hyperpigmentation while improving skin elasticity and skin barrier function. Shea butter provides anti-inflammatory, healing, and moisturizing properties to the skin. Ectoin enhances the microbiome function by repairing and reinforcing the barrier and cellular protection.

How to use:

Use morning and evening or as needed when face is feeling tight. After cleansing the skin, apply cream evenly and generously to the whole face massaging until completely absorbed. Always finish off with a broad-spectrum high factor SPF cream during the day.

Product Size: 50ml

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